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Created on : July 29, 2013
NCAA Backrolling Corner Rugs
NCAA Backrolling Corner Rugs
Created on : July 29, 2013
Created on : July 29, 2013
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Smitty's Wrestling Corner Rugs
6 ft. pie made from 100% polyester that sells for $250.00 a set delivered, ( shows some wear and tear after one or two usages). Made with a jute backing that leaves latex on mats after using, also known as delamination. This is the same products as competitors except we top-spray our basic grade corner rugs with a MRSA/Staph killer.
Delamination education (CLICK HERE)

Each set contains one green rug and one red rug. For freestyle wrestling, we deliver red and blue wrestling rugs.
  • Provides instant coaches boxes.
  • Let fans know what coaches are with what kids.
  • Wrestlers can wipe their shoes on them to keep wrestling world clean.
  • Adds instant class to your event.
  • We also spray on our rugs, that fights mersa, ring worms and other bacteria.
Wrestling corner rugs are delivered in a set. of 7 feet and 6 inches triangle. We can also stitch your team logo on the wrestling corner rugs if you want, all we need is a jpeg cost depends on detail of logo and size.

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